Sunday, March 27, 2011

A note of thanks from Mother Valori+

My husband Steve and I thank you sincerely for your many prayers and messages of support during our time of mourning over the loss of Steve's mother, Emily. We also thank you joyfully for the beautiful and wonderful herb basket y'all sent us. How well you know us!

Our trip to Texas was long and tiring, but totally worth it. The memorial service was lovely and drew many positive comments from those present. Episcopal liturgies are truly amazing and people often respond with amazement at their depth and beauty. Emily would have loved it. Her friends and care-givers sure did.

We stayed with Steve's brother, Jack, and his family. This is the brother who suffered a massive stroke 1.5 years ago. His progress is slow but so very encouraging. Jack lights up each time his little brother, Steve, comes into view. I prayed over Jack, along with another healing friend of his, and Jack responded with kisses and hugs of gratitude. He is aware and responsive, and his body is beginning to unlock from its paralysis. Thanks be to God! Being with the Jack Sherer branch of our family tree was healing, fun, and life-giving for Steve and me.

You love and prayers mean so much to us. Thank you for sharing them so generously. We love you and keep you all in our prayers as well.

Gratefully yours,


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