Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer, 2011 at Redeemer

“Finally, brothers and sisters… Put things in order, listen to my appeal, agree with one another, live in peace; and the God of love and peace will be with you. (2 Cor 13:11)

As Church, we know that rest from the rigors of work is Biblical. In the story of creation found in Genesis, God rested on the seventh day and called that rest “holy.” The thing about Sabbath-rest is that it is multi-faceted. It includes rest (time doing nothing at all – a holy enterprise), time spent with loved ones, time on fun-filled or creative adventures, and time restoring order to our lives and homes (catching up on bill-paying, cleaning, painting/decorating our homes, etc.).

Taking time for Sabbath rest honors God and ourselves, so this summer at Redeemer, we will be intentional about how we do this together. Vacation means there will be times the office has no one to answer the phones. Thanks in advance to our volunteers who will help out.

We will also be creative this Summer-Sabbath, trying out a couple of new things. If we like them, we may continue them into the following program year:

Taizé Services: RoseAnn Evan has agreed use her gift for liturgy and offer these lay-led, meditative services monthly. If you love them and want more, just let RoseAnn or me know.
Movie Night: We will gather monthly to watch movies that inspire discussion of our Christian values and call to mission. There are so many movie options: The Power of One, The Apostle, Chocolat, Spanglish, The Tolkein trilogy, the Harry Potter series. Popcorn and cokes provided.
Liturgical Music Committee: Led by our Music Director, this committee will choose the hymns and plan the adult and children’s choir presentations for the coming season (three months ahead), and – here’s the new and creative part - plan special musical events, inviting our own musicians to offer their gifts (cello, violin, flute, etc.), inviting guest artists or choirs to come and perform here - maybe to raise funds for the Shepherd's Table or mission work.

VBS, July 10 -14, provides us opportunity to spend quality time with our loved ones, both here at Redeemer and with our new friends in Christ at Ross Grove Baptist Church. Come help or just come! Contact Jennifer Niblack and let her know how you can help.

Our Deanery is providing our youth (grades 6-12) and adults an opportunity for adventure in the mission fields of tornado-stricken Alabama July 24-30. After working to restore order to the lives of our sisters and brothers in Alabama, providing manual labor and Vacation Bible School for the children there, the missioners will enjoy a day of fun-filled play at an amusement park on their way home. To be a part of this adventure, please contact the church office.

Finally, this summer, we will set aside time to put our communal life in order. I‘m asking the leadership of our various ministries to gather your people together and plan for the coming year: Christian Formation for all ages, Children/Youth, Altar Guild, Choir, Episcopal Church Men, Episcopal Church Women, Finance, Liturgical Ministries, Outreach, Pastoral Care, Parish Life, Parish Net, Prayer Shawl, Rosary, Stewardship, Ushers, Welcome, Worship, etc.

May our Summer Sabbath honor God and ourselves and be the time of restoration and creative enterprise that builds us and our future together as Church.

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